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Human Capital Management

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Practical human capital management 

When it comes to building strong teams in food & beverage, we know what works because we’ve worked in hospitality ourselves. Our team of restaurant staff consultants understand the pressures your staff is facing and the skills and personality types that make the most successful teams.

We’ve developed practical human capital management solutions based on real-world practice, not business school theory. Whether it’s recruiting fresh talent from outside your organization or promoting in-house, our experienced restaurant staff consultants provide proven insight, strategies, and hiring tools. We’ll help you grow your teams in a cost-effective manner that is compliant with industry regulations and true to your company values.

  • Executive Leadership Team Building
  • Corporate Culture Building
  • Management and Sales Training
  • Job Benchmarking and DiSC Assessments
  • Recruiting
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Retained Advisory
  • Outsourced Departments and Fractional Staff

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Building Strong Team

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